In 2018, Collectormania 25 brings you four actors from Game of Thrones, all pivotal in telling the story and all great guests. Ellie Kendrick stars as Meera Reed, protector and companion to Bran Stark. Meera first meets Bran in season three, and quickly becomes instrumental in the survival of the young Stark. Over the years, she puts herself in danger to ensure he gets to where he needs to be. Meera is a loyal and trusted friend. Ellie has also appeared in The Diary of Anne Frank (2009), Upstairs Downstairs (2010), Being Human (2012-13) and Misfits (2013) Bella Ramsey plays the unmovable Lyanna Mormont. Not many of us can say we’d happily face this stubborn young fighter. The Lady of Bear Island is always ready to fight for what is right, and stares down grown men and women to show her strength. She doesn’t hesitate to stand by the Starks when they need her help to defeat the Boltons. Bella can also be seen in The Worst Witch as Mildred Hubble (2017-18) and has a promising career ahead of her. Donald Sumpter takes on the role of Maester Luwin in the very first episode of the show. Luwin lasts for two series, more than many of the characters! Loyal servant to house Stark, he becomes the surrogate Father to the two youngest Stark children in the absence of their parents. Donald has a career spanning decades and has appeared in several episodes of Doctor Who, Our Friends in the North (1996), beloved childrens TV show The Queens Nose (1995-2000) and Jekyll and Hyde (2015). Vladimir Furdik sunk his teeth into the character of the Night King from series six of Game of Thrones. The king of the white walker army, he is on a mission to conquer the seven kingdoms, and pretty much everywhere else really. Adding to his army as he goes, he has taken hundreds of willings and various creatures such as giants, and even a dragon. This formidable enemy continues to give our beloved characters something seriously scary to worry about as they battle each other and attempt to band together to defeat the dead. Vladimir is a stunt double and his work can be seen in many shows and in high-grossing films such as Skyfall (2012) and Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). Come along to Collectormania on the 2nd and 3rd June 2018 and meet these amazing actors, and grab and autograph and a photo to seal the deal. Ellie and Vladimir are appearing Saturday and Sunday, and Donald and Bella will be there for Saturday only. By Danielle Allen



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